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Joy Boyd | Vocals

Joy is an Atlanta native...not too many of them around! Joy has been singing locally in choirs during the past 13 years, but in the shower her entire life (as a solo act). She was raised on good ole’ Southern rock ‘n roll. Her favorite bands from the past include Steve Miller Band, Van Morrison, Janis Joplin (her sister played it constantly), Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alabama, Styx (her first live concert), Kiss and Alice Cooper!  Joy also shakes a mean tambourine! Her boundless enthusiasm and sometimes unfiltered back-and-forth band banter always adds a lively spark to Old School. As our fans and fellow band members agree, everyone needs a little Joy in their life!

Bob Brooks | Vocals

Bob 'Beebs' Brooks started singing at an early age and has sung in groups that have him him to Russia, France, Belgium, Italy, Monte Carlo, Jamaica, Bermuda, and Alabama (HA)! He is a trained classical singer but found more love in Motown. He has two kids and lives in Acworth, Georgia where he was born and raised. Being a part of a big band has always been special love of his.

Bedeke Cresci | Sweet, Sweet Guitar

Bedeke picked up the guitar at the age of 17, much to the dismay of anyone within ear shot. He learned to play by ear, spending hours trying to reproduce the sounds he heard on vinyl. Early musical influences included Eric Clapton and The Who. Not long after, Bedeke started rocking to bands that played improvisational rock, such as The Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead. Come check out his sweet rig, nicknamed The Deuce.

Tim Fellenz | Trumpet

Tim Fellenz......or Miles Davis? Can you tell the difference? Because we can not. Tim has a very broad and diverse musical repetiore. The common denominator in all his playing..... SWEETNESS. Come check him out.  

Jill Freeman | Trombone

Jill started playing trombone at age 11 and quickly fell in love with it.  Almost from the moment she and her Dad pulled away from the pawn shop she couldn’t let it out of her sight.  In fact, no amount of middle school taunting could get her to give it up.  Although, in hindsight, she is willing to admit that she probably didn’t have to carry it EVERYWHERE!  Jill continued to play trombone throughout high school and college. After years of playing classically she is jumping into rock music.  Always a fan of any kind of music, she is hoping this is the step that will finally make her cool.

Justin Gorun | Bass Guitar

Justin started playing guitar at age 12, and picked up bass during high school when he couldn't find a bass player for his band. He did a detour in music school, got a degree in recording industry just in time for the industry to fall apart. (Thanks Napster!) He has since played in a bunch of bands that few people have heard of in styles including acoustic singer songwriter, hip hop, and alternative rock. He sometimes plays with songwriter Nydia, and is hoping to write music for film, so if you know anybody....

Fred Jewell | Keyboards

Fred started playing piano at age seven and, thanks to his persistent mother, stuck with it long enough to eventually discover music created in the 20th century. After figuring out how to play nicely with others in frequent jam sessions with friends in high school, he settled into playing keys with "The Law" where he proved to be a true stand-out as the only short-haired skinny blonde kid in a band full of talented studs with long black hair. DJ’ing in college and grad school proved more lucrative than actually creating music, but upon moving from Chicago to Atlanta in the late 90s, he jumped back into the scene and has enjoyed stints with several bands including Artificial Hip and The Drunken Squirrels (with whom he recorded an album of original music.)

Steve Weikle | Saxophone

Steve specializes in Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet and is a graduate of West Virginia University -home of the Mountaineers. Steve grew up listening to his older cousin and uncle who were both music educators and professional woodwind players. Their stories of the gigs and the people they had played with: Tony Bennett, Dione Warwick, Burt Bacharach and others inspired him to follow a similar course. Steve gets frequent calls to sub with many other groups and teaches privately or when called to assist with local area band directors and churches. He is also a Licensed Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor.

Brad Wild | Drums

Brad began playing percussion at age 13 in school band. For his 16th birthday, he got his first drum set. Over the years, Brad has been in bands playing various styles, anything from jazz to grunge, but rock is his favorite. Brad’s drumming influences include Mike Portnoy, Keith Moon, John Bohnam, Neal Peart, Stuart Copeland, Steve Gadd, and Buddy Rich. His favorite bands are Dream Theater, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, SRV, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Muse.


The Old School Horn Band  -  Alpharetta, GA
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